3D printing training

Currently, the 3D printing process is conquering more and more manufacturing industries. To those who today will not start using 3D printing, tomorrow it will be difficult due to the fall in trade. Start teaching your employees now, don't wait! Increase productivity in many stages of your production. Overtake your competitor today instead of waiting to you will be overtaken.

The following types of training are available:

  1. 1.   Introduction to 3D printing, 8 hours.
  2. 2.    Workshop 3D-печати, you will receive the model, write your name on it and take it home as a finished product.
  3. 3.    5 days course:
    •   -    Introduction with 3D printing - 1 day;
    •   -    3D printing processes - 1 день;
    •   -    Materials for 3D printing - 1 day;
    •   -    3D CAD programming - 1 day;
    •   -    Order 3D printing online - 1 day.

If you are booking a group study and would like to spend 3 or more nights in the heart of the Schwarzwald while studying, we will do it for you.

Other seminars are possible on request:

  •   -    Assembling a 3D printer;
  •   -    Development of a unit or machine or part;
  •   -    Redesign of an existing 3D printer;
  •   -    and others in the 3D printing sector.

To order, please contact me by email or phone.

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